Alex Podesta

“Self-Portrait as Bunnies (The Bathers)” in ArtPrize 2014

I’m very pleased to announce that my new sculpture, “Self-Portrait as Bunnies (The Bathers),” has been installed in the Grand River in Grand Rapids, MI for Artprize 2014. Lots of information about this project can be found at Alex Podesta Studio on Facebook, or at the Artprize 2014 website. This is a large and competitive event, as well as being a showcase for some wonderful artwork, so please, take a few minutes and see if you can place a vote for my work. Voting code 56388 and info on voting procedures can be found on the Artprize website. It’s possible that you can only vote if you’re physically in Grand Rapids, so if that’s the case, then break out the old rolodex and make a few calls to friends and family in the Grand Rapids, MI area. My sincerest thanks, Alex.