Alex Podesta

“PodestaFischl” is in PhotoNola, 2015: Means, Motive, Opportunity

“Means, Motive, Opportunity” opens this Saturday at The Front. My piece “PodestaFischl” is included. The reception is from 6-10 and the show runs through early January.

A four-room photography show group-curated by The Front artist collective features works by Justin Baker, Angela Berry, Carlos Jiménez Cahua, Lee Deigaard, Sam Feather-Garner, Eddie Lanieri, Jennifer McClure, Cristina Molina, Alex Podesta, Akasha Rabut, Claire Rau, Erik Schubert, Matt Shain, Mitch Soileau, Jonathan Traviesa, John Isiah Walton, and Ryn Wilson.

Detective, culprit, innocent bystander, false witness. Opportunist, victim of misadventure, lucky guesser. Inciter, corrupter, seeker. Artists with cameras pursue the red herring, concoct alibis, and find incriminating clues.