Alex Podesta

Big Weekend for Podesta Studio

Getting the year started off at a full-paced sprint. I have work in four shows that are opening this weekend and one show that is has a closing reception. First, “Carry On” (Part One) opens tonight, January 7th at Breve Gallery in the Federal District, Mexico City. In this show I have “Untitled (Snakes!),” a new, wall-mounted sculpture of a hand holding a tangle of inflated inner tubes. Tomorrow night, the 8th, there’s a closing reception for “Outside Influence” at Treo Gallery in Mid-City New Orleans. Last chance to catch my “Unicorn Pusher” triptych. Saturday night there are three openings. A paraffin and found object assemblage called “Wax Blake” can be seen in “Megalomania Four” at Boyd Satellite on Julia Street in New Orleans; “Trophy” can be seen in “Shift Change” at The Front on St. Claude in New Orleans; finally, “Me/At the Altar (with Me/At),” a work on paper can be seen in “Carry On” (Part Two) at Feral Gallery in the Federal District, Mexico City. Members of The Front will be at the Mexico City openings and I’ll be making the rounds of the New Orleans openings. See you on St. Claude!