Alex Podesta

Alex Podesta Wins Artist Seed Grant for Artprize 2014

The newly minted Artist Seed Grants presented by the Frey Foundation drew 214 applications from registered ArtPrize Artists hoping for one of 25 grants valued at $2,000 each. A panel of art critics and experts, including Cranbrook Academy of Art and Museum director Reed Kroloff and Grand Rapids Art Museum director and CEO Dana Friis-Hansen, reviewed the applications, seeking ambitious and challenging ArtPrize entries from Artists who demonstrated both financial need and artistic merit. The panel selected the following 25 winning artists:
Aaron Nemec, “Hey YouTube, It’s Me”
Al Widley, “Not a Destination”
Alex Podesta, “Self-Portrait as Bunnies (The Bathers)”
Andrea Myers, “Reflex/Reflects”
Benjamin Jones, “This Land is Your Land”
Brian Balderston, “Space Drawing #36”
Christopher Capozziello, “The Distance Between Us”
Crystal Wagner, “Bio Interloper”
Dana Lynn Harper, “Bloom Bloom”
Darryl Lauster, “God Bless America”
Dave Rowe, “Art is Hard, Life is Easy”
Denis Beaubois, “Currency - Division of Labor”
Flint Public Art Project, “Sliding Architecture”
Gwendolyn Terry, “Murmuration”
Hubert Dobler, “ROUNDABOUT2”
Julie Schenkelberg, “Divinity Intrusion”
Lisa Mueller-Trede, “crossed situation”
Maurice Jacobson, “We All Live in Gaza”
Megan Mosholder, “‘Mijimedan vta Ziibi’ (Remember the River)”
Micah Silver, “MusicX”
Micahel McGillis, “Your Back to the Woods”
Michael Murphy, “Tentatively Untitled”
Stephen Dueweke, “playCAGE”
Steve Lambert, “Capitalism Works for Me”
Tracy Snelling, “The Stranger”
The sixth edition of ArtPrize will take place from September 24 to October 12, 2014 and is expected to attract more than 400,000 visitors who will vote on the winner of the world’s largest art prize.  A complete list of participating Artists and Venues can be viewed at

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